Asia Art Gallery takes pride in showcasing Gem mosaic painting and fine contemporary paintings from Vietnam, Singapore, Indonesia and Myanmar. We have extensive networks of artists and collectors and go to great lengths to identify and acquire art works of superior quality. We are committed to consistently providing the highest quality products and services for the satisfaction of our collectors as well as for the reputation of our gallery.

Authenticity of Painting

All fine contemporary paintings sold by Asia Art Gallery are original and signed pieces.

A Certificate of Authenticity is provided for all art works.

This is especially important when purchasing painting due to the increasing presence of copies and forgeries of not only old master paintings, but works by contemporary artists as well.

AAG provides high quality precious and semi-precious 100% natural gemstone painting that are carefully hand crafted. Semi-precious Gem Stones are cut & grinded and shaped and arranged by hand to capture color variations and soothing visual effects.

We are dedicated to promoting the work of emerging artists from across the Asia region, providing quality artwork. Connoisseurs and lovers of contemporary art will find work that is both rich in expression and technique.

Authenticity of Painting